Fleas are tiny, red-brown parasites that feed off blood. They usually target furry animals, like cats, dogs, rabbits, rats and mice. Their wingless bodies are capable of jumping large distances, enabling them to jump from host to host. When they can’t feed on their preferred host, they will settle for other animals or occasionally humans.

Adult fleas are easily visible, so identifying an infestation is usually simple. Pets that itch frequently and itchy bug bites can indicate flea activity in the home. Flea feces resembles black pepper, so any traces of feces on the ground or on pets may also be an indicator.

Fleas can lay their eggs anywhere that is available: carpet, bedding, furniture upholstery, cracks in the wall or the floor, etc. Eggs hatch in 2 – 3 days, so flea populations can skyrocket in a short amount of time, without treatment.

In addition, fleas are capable of carrying several different diseases (typhus, cat scratch disease, tapeworks, and tungiasis), so it can be dangerous to allow them to feed on pets or household members.

Preventing fleas is difficult; it is much easier to treat a pre-existing infestation. Skyline employs a multi-faceted treatment plan to treat households and remove the source of the problem. Pets should be removed from the premises and given a medicated bath treatment during this time, to prevent any fleas from coming back into the home.