Cockroaches have been around for an estimated 320 million years, and will continue to exist long after we’re gone, due to their resilient nature. Some species are helpful to the environment, providing nitrogen for the environment as part of their digestive cycle. Other species are household pests that carry bacteria and can trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions.

Roaches will eat just about anything – plant materials, food scraps, soap scum, glue – so they are able to infest all types of environments. Usually, they gain access through the plumbing or unsealed crevices (doors, windows, etc.) of buildings. They are great at hitchhiking, and will invade through incoming boxes, furniture and other items. Infestations can become serious quite quickly, so if you spot one scuttling across the floor, it’s important to begin treatment right away – there’s probably more.

Most importantly, roaches are skilled at hiding. Their nocturnal nature means they’re often out of sight during the day. They can hide in great numbers, laying eggs and creating nests, and are physically resistant to weaker, store-bought chemicals. It is extremely difficult to control a cockroach infestation without the proper tools and experience. Professional treatment is usually the only long-term solution.

Skyline Pest Control regularly treats for American, German and Oriental cockroaches, the three most common species in Orange County.