Bees are an integral part of our earth’s ecosystem. They pollinate crops and plants, providing us with all kinds of foods and flowers. Recently, pesticides and climate change have been disturbing bees’ natural life cycles, and we’re seeing giant drops in bee populations.

European/Western Honeybees are quite gentle. They sting only when provoked, and will die after stinging a single time. For the most part, they keep to themselves, working on collecting food for the hive and pollinating plants. Honeybees occasionally swarm, but are not usually dangerous during this time.

Africanized honeybees, on the other hand, are quite aggressive. They are larger and darker in color than gentle honeybees, and will sting 5 – 6 times more frequently. Agitated Africanized bees may remain defensive for several days, and should be left alone while swarming.

Skyline understands the value of honeybees in the ecosystem, and we handle each situation with care. Unfortunately, we specialize in eliminating Africanized bees, and cannot provide safe bee relocation for honeybees or other docile species. We have a wonderful business reference to provide that specific service. Contact us for more information and we can discuss the options that would be best for you!